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ID Badging System Spring Cleaning Tips

April 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Frequent maintenance of your software and equipment will help minimize issues in the future.

Follow these seven steps!

  1. Purge or deactivate your database of information on any employees/members no longer with your organization.
  2. Make sure all records are complete and are not missing any pertinent information such as photo, employee number, etc.
  3. Remove duplicate records.
  4. Giver your ID badge printer a thorough cleaning to ensure good quality prints.  Be sure to use the proper ID badge printer cleaning supplies designated for your model.
  5. Make sure you are running the latest firmware and download the most current driver for your ID badge printer and scanners.
  6. Check your supply inventory to make sure you are not running low on your ID badge card stock, ID badge print ribbons and ID card accessories.
  7. Consider re-designing your ID Badge to include helpful information such as call-off procedures, important phone numbers, etc.

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