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Once again, we at IDentiphoto were jolted by the horrific events that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut. When we heard the news, our team experienced a range of emotions, from angst to empathy and we ask ourselves why? We grieve along with those most affected and are thankful for the educators who dedicate themselves to fostering our children’s education in this world that is becoming more uncertain.

Many in our organization have posed the question, what can we do to help? As specialists in identification, we offer a variety of products and services that enable schools to identify and track all individuals on campus. We understand that our solutions most likely would not have prevented this tragic event, but we would like to do our part in helping our schools improve security policies, procedures, and solutions that make it more difficult.

We have the experience, wide-ranging partnerships, and the know-how of working with schools and districts throughout the United States to share concepts and ideas even on solutions that we do not necessarily provide.

For any educational organization, we would like to offer our support to help prevent future instances such as this by providing free consultation with one of our ID Consultants or Technical Support staff. Together, we can help you evaluate your current procedures etc. and make suggestions for improvement.

Feel free to investigate our learning center for a plethora of resources or contact us at 800-860-9111.

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Tag, you’re it!

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Have a new message you want to communicate to your workforce?  Going through a rebranding?  If so, there is no better way to convey your corporate message and/or brand, recognize employee service, displaying your corporate pledge etc. then with the TagID clip!


Not your typical “clip,” the TagID clip has a large decorating area that is perfect for conveying your unique message, such as:


  • Corporate Message
  • ID Unique Groups
  • New Product Launches
  • Fund-Raising Campaigns


Available in six shapes; heart, circle, rectangle, star, oval or square, one is sure to meet your needs.  They work just like your common badge strap clip, which makes them the ideal ID badge accessory for any organization!

In addition to conveying your brand or passions, they can also add another layer of security, since they are unique to you.


For complete product details, view the TagID Clip page now.  Be sure to play the game and pass the “tag” on!

The “skinny” on Commercial Identity Verification (CIV) Credential. Are they for you?

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The “Skinny”

The Commercial Identity Verification (CIV) credential, takes a chapter from the Federal Information Processing Standard 201 (FIPS 201), initiated by the Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD-12) mandate.  The mandate required Federal agencies to deploy and support an identity credential that can be used across all Federal agencies for both physical and logical access.


The CIV credential takes advantage of the PIV infrastructure that has been developed, tested, and refined over the past ten years.  By adopting the CIV credential, corporations or medical environments no longer have to create multiple identities for each employee to work in the various standalone systems.  Identity creation and enrollment is completed at one central location.  Once an employee receives their CIV credential, this one credential can be used at locations enterprise-wide.


Each employee’s CIV card can be a tool for authenticating identity and authorizing access to doors and resources such as inventory control, accounting, process control systems, and HR databases.  In addition, a single identity allows a provisioning system to confirm that an employee is actually on the premises before enabling that person to log on to a desktop computer and enterprise network.  At the same time, it blocks access from an external device, such as a remote computer, after physical presence is established within an office.


To make the CIV credential work in your organization, your infrastructure will need to change from multiple standalone solutions to one that is enterprise-wide.  Due to the Federal mandate, multiple vendors offer interoperable solutions using off-the-shelf products because of competition, prices will become more and more affordable.


In a typical implementation, each CIV credential holds one unique user identification number that is tied to the person’s network account.  This allows access to authorized applications, plus the physical access control system in the proper buildings.


Are they for you?


A CIV credentialing program provides corporations with the ability to improve efficiency and reduce resources while maintaining overall security.  However, to determine if this is the solution for you, ask yourself the following questions:


  1. Are only authorized employees accessing the corporate property and networks?
  2. Is any portion of the network, access control system, etc., vulnerable, posing a security risk?
  3. How many resources are allocated to resetting employee passwords and logins?
  4. Overall, what is the current level of security? Poor, Fair, Satisfactory, Excellent?


These are just a few of the questions that can be addressed.  Every organization is unique and therefore it is best to speak to an ID Consultant during the fact-finding and qualification process.





Smart Card Alliance.  October 2011.  The Commercial Identity Verification (CIV) Credential – Leveraging FIPS 201 and the PIV Specifications: Is the CIV Credential Right for You?  Retrieved from http://www.smartcardalliance.org/resources/pdf/CIV_WP_101611.pdf

IDentiphoto rides to raise money for the SIA Education Scholarship Fund for First Responders

Ride to raise money for the SIA Education Scholarship Fund for First Responders.

IDentiphoto was happy to participate in the Security Industry Association 2012 Ride for Education that took place on Saturday, March 31, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The monies generated go directly into the scholarship fund, which is available to the first responder community for work-related education.

Deserving agency staffers and volunteers in the first responder industry are able to apply for the monies made available in the SIA Education Scholarship fund in up to five-hundred dollars, per request, to further their education and attend continuing education conference, classes, presentations, and training.

“Being able to partake in the 2012 Ride for Education for the first time was a wonderful experience.  The ride was a great conclusion to an exciting week spent at the International Security Conference.  The monies generated will be put to a good cause that benefits us all, the first-responder community,” said Geoffrey Urbanowski, Sales Manager.

The ride commenced at the Las Vegas Harley Davidson location, were the riders left for the first destination, the Valley of Fire State Park. After a scenic tour, the riders gathered at Seven Sisters for a barbecue lunch before commencing to the Hoover Dam with a short stop at Lake Mead.

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Creating professional ID cards

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Proper ID card designs should help:

  • Quickly and easily identify employees, contractors and visitors
  • Enhance physical and logical security
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce vulnerability to counterfeiting
  • Reflect the organization’s brand identity

Good and Bad Example

Here are some best practices for creating employee ID badges.

  1. Background Design– Whatever background you choose, be sure to use something that will not detract from the actual employee information. Make sure that all information is clearly visible from a distance.
  2. Photo Size – The starting point is a color photograph. From a design perspective, the larger and more vivid the photo, the easier it is to authenticate the cardholder. The recommended minimum photo size is 1” x 1.25”.  It is also important to crop all photos from the shoulders up. We recommend that you utilize a solid color backdrop for photo taking, no brick walls, or patterned backgrounds!
  3. Font Size – The larger the font size you utilize, the better. Due to the nature of direct-to-card printers, it is hard to reproduce very fine lines or small point font text. It is also important to utilize common block font types for easy legibility.
  4. Technology – Remember to leave adequate space for any technology you need to incorporate – i.e., magnetic stripe, barcode, prox etc.
  5. Slot or No – If your ID cards are going to be worn, be sure to accommodate an area for the slot punch so you do not slot through the printed information, or card technology. Standard slot punch dimension is .5625” x .125”. Bottom of slot is .3125” from top of card. Other attachments are available that do not require the card to be slotted.
  6. Additional Design Options
  • Use a color bar or different graphic to easily designate different departments, access levels, etc., from a distance.
  • Use different badge orientations (vertical/horizontal) to identify groups such as employee or visitor, at a glance.
  • Duplicate the front of the ID card on the backside so pertinent information is always visible even if the card flips while being worn.
  • Incorporate fluorescing or holographic security elements that are easy to validate – choices available for every budget.
  • Retire cards that are faded.

How secure is your campus?

November 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Simply turn on your TV and chances are you will hear of some school-related incident that resulted from someone being on a school campus who did not belong.  Securing your campus is a daunting task with high stakes.

Go to the Department of Justice online national sex offender registry website and conduct an advanced search by zip code, utilizing the location of your school.  How many returned results identify offenders within walking distance of your campus?  Would you know if any of them have visited your facility?

Going a step further, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 700 children are reported abducted every day – most by a relative.  All too frequently, this relative is a parent served with a temporary restraining order after a divorce.  If one of these parents came to your campus to pick up their child, would you be able to identify them?

It is unfortunate that today the need to identify everyone has gone from faculty and students to all individuals entering your campus, including but not limited to visitors, substitutes, volunteers, parents, etc.  The need to provide a safe learning environment has never been greater.  Just how can this be accomplished?

Managing visitors is the first step to securing your campus.  Visitor Management Systems are simple to implement and reasonably inexpensive.  It allows you to identify everyone walking through the campus door.

Simply scan the individual’s driver’s license or state identification card.  The system will automatically retrieve the data from the provided ID and populate the database.  The data is then checked against a watch list.  If a match results, the system operator receives an alert and can take the necessary action as pre-defined by your school’s policies.  If no flag is triggered, the system will print a temporary expiring pass which will have to be displayed the entire time on campus.  The temporary badge design can include visitor type, date, full name, photo etc., completely customizable to the pertinent data required on your campus.  Since the badge expires, the visitor cannot reuse it PLUS when the individual is walking the halls, any faculty or student will be able to identify them, making anyone without a badge cause for concern and open to challenge.

Additional deterrents consist of posted signage warning that trespassers are subject to arrest, funneling all individuals through a specific designated entry and in some instances posting a guard.

IDentiphoto can help take your campus security a step further by the implementation of one of our automated visitor management solutions.  These all- in-one solutions are easy to use and effective.  Available in several flavors to meet your requirements, they allow you to start small and add-on as needs change or funds become available.

Are you ready to take your campus security further?  Explore complete visitor management solutions here.

When will my order ship?

November 22, 2011 Leave a comment

As part of our IDentiphoto pledge to you, all stock items ordered by 2 pm EST ship the same day during our normal business hours, Monday through Friday!

Stock items consist of PVC card printer ribbons, PVC card stock and accessories such as badge clips and badge holders.  However, if the item is out of stock, delivery timeframe will be approximately 5-7 business days.

If you are ordering technology cards such as proximity or smart cards, as a general rule of thumb, our normal delivery timeframe is up to 10 business days from order placement for brands like HID Prox, HID Indala and AWID.  However, some delivery timeframes may be a bit longer so be sure to reference your quote for exact timeframe details or contact an ID Expert.

Do you need cards fast?  Consider our Value Line proximity cards for all of your 26 Bit, 125 kHz needs.  Produced in-house, our Value Line cards provide you with the same functionality of the name brand cards with the added benefit of a considerable cost savings to you.

On custom orders or any order that has an imprint, like all custom lanyards, badge reels, ID Badge Backers or custom cards, delivery timeframe is approximately 3-4 weeks after proof approval.

Rush services are available for an additional fee.  Simply inform us of your necessary in hands date when placing your order.

We are committed to providing you with the best ID solution and products for your needs and look forward to providing you with outstanding service.  Read our current customer testimonials to see what they have to say.