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Compatible Technology Cards

November 6, 2013 Leave a comment

IDentiphoto Company is pleased to offer our newest product line of Compatible Technology Cards – request a FREE TEST SAMPLE!

Value Line Technolo

Available in standard PVC and Poly/PVC (high temperature) blend with or without magnetic stripe.

Our Value Line cards are available in most proximity formats (including several previously proprietary formats) and will work in your existing card readers and ID card printers.  They are significantly less than their name brand counterparts, so why not give them a try.

For other styles, such as Clamshell and Fobs, contact us at 800-860-9111 today.


Tag, you’re it!

October 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Have a new message you want to communicate to your workforce?  Going through a rebranding?  If so, there is no better way to convey your corporate message and/or brand, recognize employee service, displaying your corporate pledge etc. then with the TagID clip!


Not your typical “clip,” the TagID clip has a large decorating area that is perfect for conveying your unique message, such as:


  • Corporate Message
  • ID Unique Groups
  • New Product Launches
  • Fund-Raising Campaigns


Available in six shapes; heart, circle, rectangle, star, oval or square, one is sure to meet your needs.  They work just like your common badge strap clip, which makes them the ideal ID badge accessory for any organization!

In addition to conveying your brand or passions, they can also add another layer of security, since they are unique to you.


For complete product details, view the TagID Clip page now.  Be sure to play the game and pass the “tag” on!

Keep Your ID Card Printer Working in Top Form

As with any other piece of equipment, an ID card printer requires regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance and output. Many issues can be avoided simply by cleaning your ID card printer regularly. By taking a proactive approach now and adding a couple of extra steps to your next ribbon replacement you can avoid downtime when it matters most, such as at your next employee orientation.

Not cleaning your ID printer regularly can cause a decrease in the output print quality, card jams, broken ribbons, streaky printing, and damage to the print head. A few of these issues can only be fixed by sending your unit in for repair or purchasing replacement parts to get your printer back up and running.

Every major ID printer manufacturer has cleaning kits available for proper maintenance. Download detailed cleaning instructions for your unit now.

Attn: Fargo Printer Users

As a Fargo Certified Repair Facility, we offer our printer service camp. To keep your printer performing well and to prevent those unwanted service calls.

Our Technicians will:
• Perform full printer diagnostics
• Update your printer’s firmware
• Thoroughly clean the unit
• Replace cleaning tape/roller
• Adjust gear and belts
• Clean magnetic encoder

For optimal performance call us at (800) 860 – 9111 or e-mail at

Gripper Clips- Versatile Holder for Slot-Free Cards

We have found the perfect solution to the hassle of slotting cards, especially when it comes to smart cards.  Smart cards are not inexpensive and slotting can play a main role in being able to use the card.  One wrong slot punch can make the card useless.

 The gripper clip is economical, card friendly, and reliable.  It is designed to securely hold 30 mil cards without the need to slot punch the card.  It is a standalone device that can be added to any existing attachments such as clips or lanyards.  This item is able to hold up to five pounds of vertical force and greater than five pounds of horizontal force.  The gripper clip is available in black or white and for a few cents more, can be customized with your logo or safety message.

 Contact us today at .

GO GREEN – Sustainable ID Products and Solutions

In the United States alone, it is estimated that over 7 billion pounds of plastic are thrown away each year.


As Earth Day approaches we tend to become more aware of how our actions and how the products we use impact the environment.   Have you ever considered how much energy your ID card printer uses daily or what happened to that old ID badge when you received your replacement?


Our must-have ‘’Earth Friendly’’ products are effortlessly implemented and support your green initiatives.


  • Energy Star rated card printers, such as the Fargo DTC4000, DTC4500 and the Datacard SD260.

  • Cards suitable for direct-to-card (DTC) printers.  One is sure to meet your Green Initiatives. 
    • BIOPVC™ – to allow for faster biodegradation.  While typical PVC cards take 20-25 years to decompose in landfill conditions, UltraCard Eco cards are gone in 5-7 years.
    • Recycled PVC – manufactured exclusively from recycled plastics.


  • Preprinted Corn Cards manufactured from corn, an abundant and annually renewable resource.

  • ID accessories manufactured from recycled material or renewable resources.
    • ID Badge Holders/Strap Clips – manufactured from earth friendly material that will not contaminate or pollute the environment
    • ID Badge Lanyards – made from your choice of recycled material or bamboo, another sustainable resource that is easily broken down in the soil.
    • ID Badge Reel – one of the most popular ID accessories available, now made from 100% recycled material.