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How secure is your campus?

November 29, 2011

Simply turn on your TV and chances are you will hear of some school-related incident that resulted from someone being on a school campus who did not belong.  Securing your campus is a daunting task with high stakes.

Go to the Department of Justice online national sex offender registry website and conduct an advanced search by zip code, utilizing the location of your school.  How many returned results identify offenders within walking distance of your campus?  Would you know if any of them have visited your facility?

Going a step further, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 700 children are reported abducted every day – most by a relative.  All too frequently, this relative is a parent served with a temporary restraining order after a divorce.  If one of these parents came to your campus to pick up their child, would you be able to identify them?

It is unfortunate that today the need to identify everyone has gone from faculty and students to all individuals entering your campus, including but not limited to visitors, substitutes, volunteers, parents, etc.  The need to provide a safe learning environment has never been greater.  Just how can this be accomplished?

Managing visitors is the first step to securing your campus.  Visitor Management Systems are simple to implement and reasonably inexpensive.  It allows you to identify everyone walking through the campus door.

Simply scan the individual’s driver’s license or state identification card.  The system will automatically retrieve the data from the provided ID and populate the database.  The data is then checked against a watch list.  If a match results, the system operator receives an alert and can take the necessary action as pre-defined by your school’s policies.  If no flag is triggered, the system will print a temporary expiring pass which will have to be displayed the entire time on campus.  The temporary badge design can include visitor type, date, full name, photo etc., completely customizable to the pertinent data required on your campus.  Since the badge expires, the visitor cannot reuse it PLUS when the individual is walking the halls, any faculty or student will be able to identify them, making anyone without a badge cause for concern and open to challenge.

Additional deterrents consist of posted signage warning that trespassers are subject to arrest, funneling all individuals through a specific designated entry and in some instances posting a guard.

IDentiphoto can help take your campus security a step further by the implementation of one of our automated visitor management solutions.  These all- in-one solutions are easy to use and effective.  Available in several flavors to meet your requirements, they allow you to start small and add-on as needs change or funds become available.

Are you ready to take your campus security further?  Explore complete visitor management solutions here.

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