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How secure is your campus?

November 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Simply turn on your TV and chances are you will hear of some school-related incident that resulted from someone being on a school campus who did not belong.  Securing your campus is a daunting task with high stakes.

Go to the Department of Justice online national sex offender registry website and conduct an advanced search by zip code, utilizing the location of your school.  How many returned results identify offenders within walking distance of your campus?  Would you know if any of them have visited your facility?

Going a step further, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 700 children are reported abducted every day – most by a relative.  All too frequently, this relative is a parent served with a temporary restraining order after a divorce.  If one of these parents came to your campus to pick up their child, would you be able to identify them?

It is unfortunate that today the need to identify everyone has gone from faculty and students to all individuals entering your campus, including but not limited to visitors, substitutes, volunteers, parents, etc.  The need to provide a safe learning environment has never been greater.  Just how can this be accomplished?

Managing visitors is the first step to securing your campus.  Visitor Management Systems are simple to implement and reasonably inexpensive.  It allows you to identify everyone walking through the campus door.

Simply scan the individual’s driver’s license or state identification card.  The system will automatically retrieve the data from the provided ID and populate the database.  The data is then checked against a watch list.  If a match results, the system operator receives an alert and can take the necessary action as pre-defined by your school’s policies.  If no flag is triggered, the system will print a temporary expiring pass which will have to be displayed the entire time on campus.  The temporary badge design can include visitor type, date, full name, photo etc., completely customizable to the pertinent data required on your campus.  Since the badge expires, the visitor cannot reuse it PLUS when the individual is walking the halls, any faculty or student will be able to identify them, making anyone without a badge cause for concern and open to challenge.

Additional deterrents consist of posted signage warning that trespassers are subject to arrest, funneling all individuals through a specific designated entry and in some instances posting a guard.

IDentiphoto can help take your campus security a step further by the implementation of one of our automated visitor management solutions.  These all- in-one solutions are easy to use and effective.  Available in several flavors to meet your requirements, they allow you to start small and add-on as needs change or funds become available.

Are you ready to take your campus security further?  Explore complete visitor management solutions here.

When will my order ship?

November 22, 2011 Leave a comment

As part of our IDentiphoto pledge to you, all stock items ordered by 2 pm EST ship the same day during our normal business hours, Monday through Friday!

Stock items consist of PVC card printer ribbons, PVC card stock and accessories such as badge clips and badge holders.  However, if the item is out of stock, delivery timeframe will be approximately 5-7 business days.

If you are ordering technology cards such as proximity or smart cards, as a general rule of thumb, our normal delivery timeframe is up to 10 business days from order placement for brands like HID Prox, HID Indala and AWID.  However, some delivery timeframes may be a bit longer so be sure to reference your quote for exact timeframe details or contact an ID Expert.

Do you need cards fast?  Consider our Value Line proximity cards for all of your 26 Bit, 125 kHz needs.  Produced in-house, our Value Line cards provide you with the same functionality of the name brand cards with the added benefit of a considerable cost savings to you.

On custom orders or any order that has an imprint, like all custom lanyards, badge reels, ID Badge Backers or custom cards, delivery timeframe is approximately 3-4 weeks after proof approval.

Rush services are available for an additional fee.  Simply inform us of your necessary in hands date when placing your order.

We are committed to providing you with the best ID solution and products for your needs and look forward to providing you with outstanding service.  Read our current customer testimonials to see what they have to say.

IDentiphoto Launches E-Commerce Website

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Consumers Can Now Purchase ID Related Products Directly from

Willoughby, OH, IDentiphoto Company, LTD., the provider of choice for all things ID related, today announced the launch of its newly operational e-commerce website,

The new site boasts easy navigation with search capability that allows consumers to easily find ID card printers, ID system bundles, ID and tracking software and visitor badge systems.  Plus is a complete source for supplies for all major ID card printers, blank PVC and PROX cards, and the largest array of ID holders and accessories.  Consumers can explore and shop IDentiphoto’s complete line of products.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our e-commerce site, as we believe it will provide our customers with just another avenue of access to IDentiphoto Company and the products and services we have to offer,” said Pam Johnson-Acey, Chief Operating Officer.  “Expanding our web offering to include e-commerce gives our customers the flexibility to view and order products whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them.  We pride ourselves on our great customer service and extensive product knowledge and look forward to bringing our innovative expertise into the e-commerce marketplace.”

In operation for 40 years, IDentiphoto is a Certified Female Business Enterprise, an authorized Fargo® repair facility that supports/repairs all Fargo® units and a proud member of Identification Systems Dealers Association (ISDA).  For more information visit


About IDentiphoto Company
IDentiphoto is the provider of choice for standalone to enterprise-wide identity management systems, mobile tracking and verification solutions.  Our team of ID system experts can build custom software for your mobile applications/requirements as well as advise your team on the best ID card printer, ID system bundles, software, ID supplies, ID cards and badge holders for your needs.


Pamela Johnson-Acey, COO
IDentiphoto Company, Ltd.

Maintaining a Successful ID Program

November 1, 2011 Leave a comment

ID Badging equipment has become commonplace in the corporate world.  For those responsible for maintaining their company’s ID badging equipment and producing the identification cards, here are six tips to follow to help minimize down time, plus six tricks on capturing the perfect employee photo every time.


Six tips on the upkeep of your equipment.


  1. Be sure to save all original packing materials in case equipment has to be shipped back to manufacturer for repair.


  1. Record serial number(s) of all hardware and software in one place such as on the invoice for easy reference should the need arise.


  1. Familiarize yourself with all manuals.  We suggest saving a copy to your desktop for easy reference.


  1. Train all staff members authorized to utilize the equipment.  Walk them through image capture, data entry, ID card production PLUS regular equipment maintenance.


  1. To ensure your hardware works properly and produces the best output quality, maintain it regularly including printer cleaning after each ribbon change.


  1. Back up data regularly to make certain no data is lost.


Six tricks to capturing the perfect employee photo.


  1. It is best to use a dedicated camera for photo ID issuance.  Keep the camera on a tripod and connected to the PC at all times.


  1. Capture employee photo while the individual is sitting.


  1. Always use a backdrop for consistent professional photos.  Blue or gray work best.


  1. Digital cameras should be set up approximately four to five feet away from the individual.  If you are utilizing a webcam, no more than two feet (24 inches) from the subject is recommended.


  1. Lighting plays an important part when capturing digital images.  When possible, place your chair between fluorescent lights, as they tend to produce a green/yellow tint.


  1. After image capture, we recommend you crop the image at approximately the shoulders and over the top of the head and allow room for a small border surrounding the face without giving the subject a crew cut, cropping ears or chin.  The goal is to be able to identify the employee easily.


Being proactive and following these easy steps will help ensure that your equipment works properly when needed.  Did we miss a step?  Share it with us by leaving a comment now.