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Set yourself FREE – go mobile!

October 17, 2011

Organizations are always trying to discover ways to decrease redundant tasks and improve workflow, while maintaining their customer service standards.  Today, accurate and timely information is king.  A delay in data entry, by even a day or two, may no longer be acceptable.

Why go mobile?

Increase productivity – collect accurate data in the field.  No longer does somebody have to interpret illegible handwriting, greatly reducing data errors.

Quick reports – information at your fingertips allowing you to make informed decisions fast and accurately.

Reduce data errors – simply scan the technology of your choice for fast and accurate data collection or retrieval.

Improve customer experience – fast and easy task processing.

Going mobile instantly extends organizational knowledge into the field.  You can now take charge of your environment with mobile devices for your identification, verification, and tracking needs.  Accomplish what is needed from anywhere, anytime.

Handheld devices such as the Motorola ES400 or the Unitech PA690 have never been more affordable.  So what is holding you back?

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