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Get Students Back to Class Fast!

September 6, 2011

The 2011/2012 school year has begun and you can make your job easier with our PockeTracker K-12 student accountability solution.  School administrators love PockeTracker K-12 because it makes tardy processing and detention management considerably more efficient and enforces your school policies in a fair manner.

As a result, you can clear hallways fast, correct bad behavior, decrease tardiness and reduce detentions so the focus of your campus can remain on learning.

Imagine automating the behavior management of your students by scanning a barcode on a student ID. Imagine scanning all your tardy students and printing class passes in seconds, not minutes.  Imagine giving positive points to a student for a project well done or good behavior.  Imagine issuing a detention instantly while walking the halls using your handheld PC and printing a pass from your wireless portable printer.

Modular in design, you can start small and expand.  Learn more about all of our Education Solutions here.

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