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IDentiphoto partners with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to facilitate the implementation of their P.R.I.D.E. Initiative.

August 19, 2011


IDentiphoto partners with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to facilitate the implementation of their P.R.I.D.E. Initiative.

Using mobile and ID technology, CMSD increases security and streamlines processes so the focus can remain on educating students.

Willoughby, OH, (August 2011) IDentiphoto Company, LTD., is pleased to partner with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) on the implementation of its Priority Recognition Increased Data & Efficiency (P.R.I.D.E) initiative.  This program offers CMSD three components for this initiative; student identification badges, visitor management and a student information/discipline management system.

With the start of the 2011-2012 school year, CMSD’s Division of Safety and Security will require students to wear an ID badge at all times during the school day.  This enables school security and staff to quickly identify students who are authorized to be in the building. In addition, the ID incorporates a unique barcode that is utilized for cataloging various activities and transactions such as cafeteria checkout, media center, hallways and processing tardy students.

All visitors entering CMSD schools are required to present a valid driver’s license or state ID that can be scanned and flagged if deemed ‘’high risk’’.  After the check-in process, the visitor will be provided with a photo ID badge that must be worn while on campus.

“The District’s new ID system offers another layer of safety and security for our students and staff,” says Lester Fultz, Chief of Safety and Security for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.  “The PRIDE system provides us with yet another high tech tool to identify students and visitors and to monitor access to our buildings. Our students and staff deserve a safe, secure learning environment,” Fultz continued.

In an effort to make students accountable for their actions, positive or negative, IDentiphoto’s student information and discipline management solution provides CMSD administrators and security personnel the ability to obtain individual student information from anywhere on campus via handheld mobile units.  These handheld units have the ability to access student information immediately by swiping their ID.  This reduces the time and effort spent on discipline.  A process that used to take as long as thirty minutes has now been reduced to less than a minute!

By utilizing ID badges to identify faculty, students and visitors, any individual not displaying a valid ID will stand out and be open to question by CMSD safety and security personnel, greatly increasing the security of their campuses.  In addition, should an incident take place where the building(s) would have to be evacuated, authorized personnel will be able to easily access a report of all individuals on campus including faculty, visitors and students.

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About IDentiphoto Company
In operation for 40 years, IDentiphoto is a Certified Female Business Enterprise and a proud member of Identification Systems Dealers Association (ISDA).  IDentiphoto helps K-12 schools increase efficiencies, enhance security, and minimize costs with automated student/visitor ID badging, mobile tracking and student accountability solutions, system bundles, software, ID supplies, ID cards and badge holders.  IDentiphoto is also an authorized Fargo® repair facility that supports/repairs all Fargo® printer units. For additional information please visit www.IDentiphoto.com.


Pamela Johnson, COO
IDentiphoto Company, Ltd.

Charisse Ausbrook
Media Specialist
The Cleveland Metropolitan School District

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