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Don’t incur additional costs, save your original equipment boxes!

August 8, 2011

After purchasing new equipment, many of you unpack your direct-to-card PVC printer, label printer etc. and dispose of the box with its custom molded protection without taking into consideration the implication of that action.

We understand that storage of empty boxes can pose a logistics issue but the executive decision you make now can affect your bottom line down the road. Even though we hope the equipment will last forever but due to the nature of the beast, you may find yourself having to one day ship your unit in for service. At that time you are going to need to properly package your printer and what better way to send it but in its original box!

The original box has been made specifically for your unit and will afford it the best protection during its transit, versus packaging peanuts, paper or air bubbles.

If the unit is not packaged properly it can, and frequently is, damaged in shipping. Units damaged in shipping ultimately cause your repair cost to increase due to bent frames or broken covers that have to be replaced. So even though you may not have room please retain the original equipment packaging, just in case.

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