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Remaining four points of things you need to know before buying an Identification Solution

August 1, 2011

In conclusion to our last post, here are the remaining four things you need to know before buying an identification solution.

Keep in mind that not all solutions are equal. Cost is often the largest motivator as to which system you purchase but should not be your only consideration. For instance, by purchasing a low-cost single-sided printer to produce a dual-sided card, not only are you wasting valuable employee time but risking serious damage to your unit. Card stock, once run through your printer degrades and is no longer graphics quality due to dust, debris or fingerprint smudges which can cause broken pixels in your printhead. This can affect your card quality output and even necessitate complete replacement.

Proper planning is essential to a successful ID card program.

  1. How many card types do you use/issue?
    • Photo ID
    • Payroll/Attendance
    • Parking
    • Access
    • Membership
    • Loyalty/Gift Cards
    • Info Cards
    • Meal/Cafeteria
    • Other

      Why is it important?

      Instead of issuing two (or more) cards, IDentiphoto can help you to combine the cards you use every day into one multi-technology card. By combining all cards into one, your overall operational costs are greatly reduced.

  2. What type of technology/technologies do you need?
    • Barcode
    • Magnetic Stripe
    • Proximity
    • Smart Card

      Why is it important?

      Take into account all systems utilized on a daily basis such as access control, payroll, cafeteria, etc. and plan to reduce multiple steps. Many companies are surprised to learn that each individual system, crucial to everyday operations, utilizes a different card technology. By being proactive and taking into account all the needs of your company, you reap cost and time saving benefits by reducing data entry or redundancies simply by integrating your multiple systems. Provide one card that does it all!

      Learn about the different card technologies here.

  3. Will you need to badge multiple locations?

    Why is it important?

    There are a lot of different software applications available. Depending on your specific requirements you may need a networkable version of ID badging software. However, since requirements and internal infrastructure are different from one organization to the next, it is important to talk to a reputable solution provider to discuss your application in-depth for the best recommendation. One of our knowledgeable ID Consultants can be reached at 800-860-9111 for guidance.

  4. Will you require a mobile system to track or verify identity?

    Why is it important?

    Today it is increasingly common to need access to software or report on activity outside your four walls in order to accomplish your day-to-day tasks, whether verifying employee information on a job site, tracking attendance remotely or for training applications. Depending on your organization’s specific requirements we can help you take your badging, tracking or verification solution on the road with you, improving productivity, streamlining workflow and minimizing data errors.

What solution is right for you? Contact an IDentiphoto ID Consultant today at 800-860-9111 to discuss your specific needs more in-depth.

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