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Customize your attachments for pennies!

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The common perception is that custom ID card holders and attachments are too expensive.  The word “custom” has a negative connotation that is immediately associated with expensive and cumbersome.

But in fact, that is not the case.  You can purchase customized ID card holders and attachments such as lanyards, badge reels, badge holders, etc. for only pennies more!

The perfect medium to convey:

  • Corporate Message – Safety is our #1 Goal
  • ID Unique Groups – Emergency Staff, Security, VIP
  • New Product Launches – Xcom 2 – The Power to Communicate
  • Fund-Raising Campaigns – I’m walking to stamp out hunger

Whether your audience is potential clients or your own professional staff, custom attachments solidifies your brand and increases awareness by:

  • Projecting consistency throughout your organization
  • Matching corporate colors maintaining your brand
  • Increases and/or promotes employee awareness or charitable organizations

Custom printing can also be taken into consideration for your visitor management products, payment card sleeves, employee reference material, such as call off cards or important procedures etc.  The limit is only your imagination.

In addition to conveying your brand or passions, they can also add another layer of security since they are unique to you.


IDentiphoto partners with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to facilitate the implementation of their P.R.I.D.E. Initiative.

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IDentiphoto partners with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to facilitate the implementation of their P.R.I.D.E. Initiative.

Using mobile and ID technology, CMSD increases security and streamlines processes so the focus can remain on educating students.

Willoughby, OH, (August 2011) IDentiphoto Company, LTD., is pleased to partner with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) on the implementation of its Priority Recognition Increased Data & Efficiency (P.R.I.D.E) initiative.  This program offers CMSD three components for this initiative; student identification badges, visitor management and a student information/discipline management system.

With the start of the 2011-2012 school year, CMSD’s Division of Safety and Security will require students to wear an ID badge at all times during the school day.  This enables school security and staff to quickly identify students who are authorized to be in the building. In addition, the ID incorporates a unique barcode that is utilized for cataloging various activities and transactions such as cafeteria checkout, media center, hallways and processing tardy students.

All visitors entering CMSD schools are required to present a valid driver’s license or state ID that can be scanned and flagged if deemed ‘’high risk’’.  After the check-in process, the visitor will be provided with a photo ID badge that must be worn while on campus.

“The District’s new ID system offers another layer of safety and security for our students and staff,” says Lester Fultz, Chief of Safety and Security for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.  “The PRIDE system provides us with yet another high tech tool to identify students and visitors and to monitor access to our buildings. Our students and staff deserve a safe, secure learning environment,” Fultz continued.

In an effort to make students accountable for their actions, positive or negative, IDentiphoto’s student information and discipline management solution provides CMSD administrators and security personnel the ability to obtain individual student information from anywhere on campus via handheld mobile units.  These handheld units have the ability to access student information immediately by swiping their ID.  This reduces the time and effort spent on discipline.  A process that used to take as long as thirty minutes has now been reduced to less than a minute!

By utilizing ID badges to identify faculty, students and visitors, any individual not displaying a valid ID will stand out and be open to question by CMSD safety and security personnel, greatly increasing the security of their campuses.  In addition, should an incident take place where the building(s) would have to be evacuated, authorized personnel will be able to easily access a report of all individuals on campus including faculty, visitors and students.

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About IDentiphoto Company
In operation for 40 years, IDentiphoto is a Certified Female Business Enterprise and a proud member of Identification Systems Dealers Association (ISDA).  IDentiphoto helps K-12 schools increase efficiencies, enhance security, and minimize costs with automated student/visitor ID badging, mobile tracking and student accountability solutions, system bundles, software, ID supplies, ID cards and badge holders.  IDentiphoto is also an authorized Fargo® repair facility that supports/repairs all Fargo® printer units. For additional information please visit


Pamela Johnson, COO
IDentiphoto Company, Ltd.

Charisse Ausbrook
Media Specialist
The Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Increase ID Badge Security at no additional cost to you!

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An employee ID badge is more than just a plastic card! It is a security device, a functional tool and an extension of your organization’s image. A color photo on a plain white card is just not enough anymore – it is too easy to duplicate.

What you may not be aware of is that your existing direct-to-card PVC card printer is more powerful than you think.

In an effort to combat counterfeit ID badges, the major ID card printer manufactures including Fargo, Zebra, Magicard and Datacard all have printer models that can incorporate a security feature that is only visible under black light and can be incorporated easily, simply by using a ribbon with a fluorescent panel.

Some Magicard printers offer HoloKote. HoloKote is an anti-copying watermark printed across the entire card surface. When the card is tilted, the HoloKote watermark provides visual authentication. There is no additional cost involved in printing HoloKote cards.

Depending on the model you are using, it may be just a matter of turning on a feature or purchasing a different consumable. The question truly is what is holding you back from producing a more secure ID badge for your employees?

In addition, used dye-sublimation ribbons, such as those used in your direct-to-card printer, retain a viewable image of the printed document. Depending on the sensitive information you print, it is recommended that you dispose of the used ribbon by shredding it.

Explore our learning center for other helpful tips and tricks to ensure the safety of your facility and employees.

Don’t incur additional costs, save your original equipment boxes!

August 8, 2011 Leave a comment

After purchasing new equipment, many of you unpack your direct-to-card PVC printer, label printer etc. and dispose of the box with its custom molded protection without taking into consideration the implication of that action.

We understand that storage of empty boxes can pose a logistics issue but the executive decision you make now can affect your bottom line down the road. Even though we hope the equipment will last forever but due to the nature of the beast, you may find yourself having to one day ship your unit in for service. At that time you are going to need to properly package your printer and what better way to send it but in its original box!

The original box has been made specifically for your unit and will afford it the best protection during its transit, versus packaging peanuts, paper or air bubbles.

If the unit is not packaged properly it can, and frequently is, damaged in shipping. Units damaged in shipping ultimately cause your repair cost to increase due to bent frames or broken covers that have to be replaced. So even though you may not have room please retain the original equipment packaging, just in case.

Remaining four points of things you need to know before buying an Identification Solution

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In conclusion to our last post, here are the remaining four things you need to know before buying an identification solution.

Keep in mind that not all solutions are equal. Cost is often the largest motivator as to which system you purchase but should not be your only consideration. For instance, by purchasing a low-cost single-sided printer to produce a dual-sided card, not only are you wasting valuable employee time but risking serious damage to your unit. Card stock, once run through your printer degrades and is no longer graphics quality due to dust, debris or fingerprint smudges which can cause broken pixels in your printhead. This can affect your card quality output and even necessitate complete replacement.

Proper planning is essential to a successful ID card program.

  1. How many card types do you use/issue?
    • Photo ID
    • Payroll/Attendance
    • Parking
    • Access
    • Membership
    • Loyalty/Gift Cards
    • Info Cards
    • Meal/Cafeteria
    • Other

      Why is it important?

      Instead of issuing two (or more) cards, IDentiphoto can help you to combine the cards you use every day into one multi-technology card. By combining all cards into one, your overall operational costs are greatly reduced.

  2. What type of technology/technologies do you need?
    • Barcode
    • Magnetic Stripe
    • Proximity
    • Smart Card

      Why is it important?

      Take into account all systems utilized on a daily basis such as access control, payroll, cafeteria, etc. and plan to reduce multiple steps. Many companies are surprised to learn that each individual system, crucial to everyday operations, utilizes a different card technology. By being proactive and taking into account all the needs of your company, you reap cost and time saving benefits by reducing data entry or redundancies simply by integrating your multiple systems. Provide one card that does it all!

      Learn about the different card technologies here.

  3. Will you need to badge multiple locations?

    Why is it important?

    There are a lot of different software applications available. Depending on your specific requirements you may need a networkable version of ID badging software. However, since requirements and internal infrastructure are different from one organization to the next, it is important to talk to a reputable solution provider to discuss your application in-depth for the best recommendation. One of our knowledgeable ID Consultants can be reached at 800-860-9111 for guidance.

  4. Will you require a mobile system to track or verify identity?

    Why is it important?

    Today it is increasingly common to need access to software or report on activity outside your four walls in order to accomplish your day-to-day tasks, whether verifying employee information on a job site, tracking attendance remotely or for training applications. Depending on your organization’s specific requirements we can help you take your badging, tracking or verification solution on the road with you, improving productivity, streamlining workflow and minimizing data errors.

What solution is right for you? Contact an IDentiphoto ID Consultant today at 800-860-9111 to discuss your specific needs more in-depth.