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Eight things you need to know before buying an Identification Solution.

July 18, 2011 1 comment

Value Over Price

Not all solutions are equal. Cost is often the largest motivator as to which system you purchase but it does not necessarily mean it will serve you well in the future. Proper planning is essential to a successful ID card program.

Take into consideration your future use, employee turnover, etc. Look at the big picture and ask yourselves the following questions before submitting a purchase order.

  1. How do you want the card to look?
    – Single or dual-sided
    – Oversized or credit card size
    – Monochrome or full color

    Why is it important?
    PVC card printers are available in a variety of configurations and with advancements in technology. Many manufacturers are looking at your future needs by offering field-upgradeable modules. Instead of purchasing a single-sided printer now and later having to replace the entire unit for a dual-sided unit, you can purchase a PVC card printer that will give you the ability to upgrade later to a dual-sided unit at a more reasonable cost.

  2. How long do you want the cards to last?
    – 1-3 years
    – 3 + years

    Why is it important?
    Standard PVC cards are made of 100% PVC and have an average lifespan of 12-18 months while a composite PVC card, composed of 70% PVC/30% Polyester, will increase the average lifespan to 24 months. By purchasing a PVC card printer that applies a .6 or 1 mil overlaminate/polyguard, you can now increase the lifespan of your card to 60 months or 5 years. Purchasing a printer that will best meet your requirements may cost more initially, but the money you can save in costly reprints and consumables down the line greatly make up for it.

  3. How many cards will be issued in a year?

    Why is it important?
    The average lifespan of a printer is generally five years and producing a large volume of cards on an entry-level printer will decrease the unit’s lifespan. Therefore, it is important to purchase a unit that will handle your current volume of ID card production today as well as your anticipated card volume production in three years and five years. In addition, large volume printing requirements may require using multiple units to meet time constraints. It is important to properly maintain your PVC card printer with regular cleanings to ensure continuous quality prints. As a certified repair facility, we offer a printer cleaning service for your convenience. Simply contact us to schedule one.

  4. Will you need to assign different levels of security clearance?

    Why is it important?
    Security clearance levels are an important way of maintaining pertinent data from employees who may have ill intent. ID Badging software applications come in many different flavors. There are entry-level applications where you only have a single sign-on level, to enterprise applications where specific user settings can be applied, allowing access to only pertinent data specific to their task. A user with administrative rights can also generate a variety of reports so that internal audits can be performed.

    Different levels of security clearance can also be incorporated into the finished employee ID badge as well by incorporating color bars based on your specific criteria. Based on color coding, any employee can visually tell if an individual belongs or not, from a distance. Learn more about card security features here.

Check back next week for the remaining four additional things you need to know before you buy, or get them now by contacting an IDentiphoto ID Consultant today at 800-860-9111 or via email!


Question: Can I lease the purchase of a new printer?

Answer:  Absolutely!  Leasing equipment can be a great way to get the equipment you need with minimal investment and no depletion of capital that could be used for other purposes.

Leasing allows a business to stretch its budget by spreading the costs over time. Unlike a loan payment, a lease payment may also be tax-deductible as an operational expense.

IDentiphoto offers leasing options on all of our badging, tracking and verification hardware and software components or solutions.  Be sure to ask your ID Consultant about it.

Be visible with ID Badge Backers!

ID Badge Backers make your role within your facility instantly recognizable.  Not only to patients but other personnel too!

Due to the limitations of direct-to-card printing, your credit card size employee ID badge may be hard to read from more than a few feet away, making ID Badge Backers the perfect addition.

Designed to be worn under your existing identification badge – no additional attachments are needed!.  No matter your badge orientation, horizontal or vertical, we’ve got your back.   You are not limited to specific colors or titles since they are produced specifically based upon your exact requirements.  In addition, you can incorporate real-time resources meaningful to your staff, such as tips on identifying clinical triggers, PASS/RACE information, page codes etc.

For inspiration, view our ID Badge Backer designs here.