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Case Study – Manage Visitors now, before it’s too late

June 27, 2011

Why one corporation wishes it had Visitor Pass sooner.

It is 10:00 in the morning in late October in a suburb of Hartford, Connecticut. A woman wearing a black suit and matching heels stands alone, smoking a cigarette, outside the side door of a three-story office building in a sprawling office park.

She is very alert her eyes dart from her cigarette (which is half gone), to the door, and back again. 

When Andrew comes out for his smoking break, she drops her cigarette to the ground, crushes it with her shoe, and says, “I guess this break is over.” She heads into the building while Andrew holds the door for her.

In the next 120 seconds, the woman will find eight cubicles with unattended purses. She quickly steals credit cards, checks, and cash, exits by a different door, and heads straight for a nearby shopping mall.

This is a true story, told by the security director of the office building the woman robbed. At the time of the crime, visitors were not required to wear badges. Now they are: the TAB-Expiring Visitor Pass, which changes color overnight to prevent reuse. Its patented design makes it practically self-activating.

Had this process been in place before, this story would have had a different ending. When the woman says, “I guess this break is over,” and heads into the building Andrew notices she isn’t wearing an I.D. badge and follows her in.

Can you afford not to do anything?  Act now before it’s too late.  See Visitor Pass in action here.

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