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Case Study – Manage Visitors now, before it’s too late

Why one corporation wishes it had Visitor Pass sooner.

It is 10:00 in the morning in late October in a suburb of Hartford, Connecticut. A woman wearing a black suit and matching heels stands alone, smoking a cigarette, outside the side door of a three-story office building in a sprawling office park.

She is very alert her eyes dart from her cigarette (which is half gone), to the door, and back again. 

When Andrew comes out for his smoking break, she drops her cigarette to the ground, crushes it with her shoe, and says, “I guess this break is over.” She heads into the building while Andrew holds the door for her.

In the next 120 seconds, the woman will find eight cubicles with unattended purses. She quickly steals credit cards, checks, and cash, exits by a different door, and heads straight for a nearby shopping mall.

This is a true story, told by the security director of the office building the woman robbed. At the time of the crime, visitors were not required to wear badges. Now they are: the TAB-Expiring Visitor Pass, which changes color overnight to prevent reuse. Its patented design makes it practically self-activating.

Had this process been in place before, this story would have had a different ending. When the woman says, “I guess this break is over,” and heads into the building Andrew notices she isn’t wearing an I.D. badge and follows her in.

Can you afford not to do anything?  Act now before it’s too late.  See Visitor Pass in action here.


Keep Your ID Card Printer Working in Top Form

As with any other piece of equipment, an ID card printer requires regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance and output. Many issues can be avoided simply by cleaning your ID card printer regularly. By taking a proactive approach now and adding a couple of extra steps to your next ribbon replacement you can avoid downtime when it matters most, such as at your next employee orientation.

Not cleaning your ID printer regularly can cause a decrease in the output print quality, card jams, broken ribbons, streaky printing, and damage to the print head. A few of these issues can only be fixed by sending your unit in for repair or purchasing replacement parts to get your printer back up and running.

Every major ID printer manufacturer has cleaning kits available for proper maintenance. Download detailed cleaning instructions for your unit now.

Attn: Fargo Printer Users

As a Fargo Certified Repair Facility, we offer our printer service camp. To keep your printer performing well and to prevent those unwanted service calls.

Our Technicians will:
• Perform full printer diagnostics
• Update your printer’s firmware
• Thoroughly clean the unit
• Replace cleaning tape/roller
• Adjust gear and belts
• Clean magnetic encoder

For optimal performance call us at (800) 860 – 9111 or e-mail at

Are employees carrying around too many ID cards?

Combine Your Card Technologies into ONE Card!

Are your employees carrying a different card for any of the below applications?

               Physical Access Control
               Time and Attendance
               Photo ID
               IT Secure Authentication
               Biometric Template Storage
               Digital Cash
               Storage for Employee Records

Costs for technologies cards generally ranges from $2-$6 per card. Multiple cards can be expensive and difficult to issue and manage.

What some don’t know is that they can integrate the proximity technology, bar code, magnetic stripe, smart card along with biometric technologies into a single ID card. This will help reduce the  product costs, increase security and performance, accommodate future growth and increase transaction speed. 

For more information, contact our ID consultants today at