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Gripper Clips- Versatile Holder for Slot-Free Cards

May 23, 2011

We have found the perfect solution to the hassle of slotting cards, especially when it comes to smart cards.  Smart cards are not inexpensive and slotting can play a main role in being able to use the card.  One wrong slot punch can make the card useless.

 The gripper clip is economical, card friendly, and reliable.  It is designed to securely hold 30 mil cards without the need to slot punch the card.  It is a standalone device that can be added to any existing attachments such as clips or lanyards.  This item is able to hold up to five pounds of vertical force and greater than five pounds of horizontal force.  The gripper clip is available in black or white and for a few cents more, can be customized with your logo or safety message.

 Contact us today at sales@IDentiphoto.com .

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