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Protect Your Contactless Smart Card

May 2, 2011

Security plays a key role in this day and age.  The U.S.Government spends time and money every year to make sure its employees and civilians have a safe work environment.  From local governments to federal organizations, verification is a number one priority.  Today, many factors are involved in verifying and identifying employees or contractors.

RFID is the primary technology used in smart cards for identity verification by the U.S. Government.  Federal mandate HSPD-12 required all government agencies to switch to a new ID card that uses RFID.  This mandate requires all government employees to keep these new ID cards in an RFID blocking sleeve or badge holder for privacy and security.  Our FIPS 201 approved card holders can protect these government issued ID cards from identity thieves.

Fraud risks of contactless smart cards are higher than those of magnetic stripes and barcodes.  With a card reader, a skimmer can capture the smart card’s data for duplication at a later time.  Signals can be transmitted to any reader at any given time and can happen through a purse or wallet.  Identity theft happens too often for one not to be aware of such a hazard.  This information, if obtained by the wrong person can lead to identify theft, security breach or worse.

RFID blocking badge holders and card sleeves are the ideal resolution for this problem.  These badge holders block the transmission of information, by blocking the flow of signals to and from contactless cards.  They are convenient, safe and durable for day-to-day wear and tear.  IDentiphoto has a variety of RFID blocking holders available in several form factors.  All of them will protect your RFID smart card both physically and electronically.

Simple to use, just slide the card into the badge holder which blocks unwanted data transmissions to and from the card.  When in need for verification, slide the contactless card partially out of the holder and the card will become readable.  Once verified, slide the card back into the badge holder.  Badge holders, like SkimSafe are easily attached to lanyards, badge reels, strap clips and chains.  Available in royal blue, black, translucent charcoal grey – custom colors are also available.

Our FIPS 201 approved card holders can protect these government issued ID cards from identity thieves.

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