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Attn: Fargo Ribbon Users – Wrong Ribbon Error?

This year Fargo has released another crop of Fargo ID badging printers.  Ribbons for some current models (M30, M30e, C30, C30e, DTC400 and DTC400e) have been replaced.  These newer ribbons are backwards compatible.  However, a printer firmware update is a requirement in order for them to work on your current models. 

The version needed is and can be downloaded here.  For instructions, view our complete tech update.

 Update Driver BEFORE Firmware

For Fargo users who get an error message when they attempt to update the firmware to accept the newer ribbons, be sure you have the latest printer driver before you upload the firmware.  It’s important that you CANCEL the firmware update and install the latest driver first.

Download the latest driver at Fargo Support.

Use the IDentiphoto Fargo Ribbon Cross Reference Sheet to learn your new Fargo ribbon part number.

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Gripper Clips- Versatile Holder for Slot-Free Cards

We have found the perfect solution to the hassle of slotting cards, especially when it comes to smart cards.  Smart cards are not inexpensive and slotting can play a main role in being able to use the card.  One wrong slot punch can make the card useless.

 The gripper clip is economical, card friendly, and reliable.  It is designed to securely hold 30 mil cards without the need to slot punch the card.  It is a standalone device that can be added to any existing attachments such as clips or lanyards.  This item is able to hold up to five pounds of vertical force and greater than five pounds of horizontal force.  The gripper clip is available in black or white and for a few cents more, can be customized with your logo or safety message.

 Contact us today at .

Stretch Your Budget Further

Budget issues impacting your ID system upgrades?  Security is more important now than ever, and tracking movement in and out of your premises is vital.

You no longer have to postpone or forego crucial purchases or upgrades!  Due to the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010 (H.R. 4853) that was signed into law on December 17, 2010, business can immediately write-off 100% of the cost of depreciable property acquired in calendar year 2011.

Another alternative to assist you in acquiring your much-needed items on a tight budget is with a lease.  Some benefits of leasing are:

  1. 100 Percent Financing – no down payment
  2. Service Additions – can included installation, maintenance and ongoing support
  3. Tax Treatment – deduct 100% of payment as business expense
  4. Upgradeability – provides you the ability to upgrade equipment as technology and needs change.

 As experts in identification, we can also assist you in reducing your overall ID badging expenses in other ways such as switching consumables to extend card life, or by taking the burden from you by producing your badges for you.  To find out more, speak to one of our ID Consultants today at 1-800-860-9111.

Nurse Appreciation Week

In the memory of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, nurses are recognized annually from May 6th through May 12th.  The theme for 2011 is, “Nurses Trusted to Care.”

In honor of National Nurses week and RN Recognition Day, we have available promotional items for your healthcare facility.  ID Badge Backers are a great way to let patients and others know from a distance that a Registered Nurse is around. Also, the top of the ID Badge Backers can be used to write missions, visions or just about anything that may help or motivate nurses throughout their busy work day.

As attachments, badge reels come as a stock item or they can be customized with recognition statement, hospital logo etc.  Why not let the nurses know they are appreciated by designing customized badge reels or lanyards that they wear everyday with their ID badges?  They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

Lanyards are the next nurse favorite; they are made in various different material, colors and sizes. For healthcare, a non-absorbent lanyard is available which wipes clean and is metal-free.  Also available is an antimicrobial lanyard, this material contains nano particles which coat fibers, inhibit the growth of germs and kill odor-causing bacteria.

There are about 3.1 million nurses today in the healthcare facility. Let us not forget how much we value their work.

Contact as us today for more information!

Protect Your Contactless Smart Card

Security plays a key role in this day and age.  The U.S.Government spends time and money every year to make sure its employees and civilians have a safe work environment.  From local governments to federal organizations, verification is a number one priority.  Today, many factors are involved in verifying and identifying employees or contractors.

RFID is the primary technology used in smart cards for identity verification by the U.S. Government.  Federal mandate HSPD-12 required all government agencies to switch to a new ID card that uses RFID.  This mandate requires all government employees to keep these new ID cards in an RFID blocking sleeve or badge holder for privacy and security.  Our FIPS 201 approved card holders can protect these government issued ID cards from identity thieves.

Fraud risks of contactless smart cards are higher than those of magnetic stripes and barcodes.  With a card reader, a skimmer can capture the smart card’s data for duplication at a later time.  Signals can be transmitted to any reader at any given time and can happen through a purse or wallet.  Identity theft happens too often for one not to be aware of such a hazard.  This information, if obtained by the wrong person can lead to identify theft, security breach or worse.

RFID blocking badge holders and card sleeves are the ideal resolution for this problem.  These badge holders block the transmission of information, by blocking the flow of signals to and from contactless cards.  They are convenient, safe and durable for day-to-day wear and tear.  IDentiphoto has a variety of RFID blocking holders available in several form factors.  All of them will protect your RFID smart card both physically and electronically.

Simple to use, just slide the card into the badge holder which blocks unwanted data transmissions to and from the card.  When in need for verification, slide the contactless card partially out of the holder and the card will become readable.  Once verified, slide the card back into the badge holder.  Badge holders, like SkimSafe are easily attached to lanyards, badge reels, strap clips and chains.  Available in royal blue, black, translucent charcoal grey – custom colors are also available.

Our FIPS 201 approved card holders can protect these government issued ID cards from identity thieves.

US Government Issued Cards:
US Passport Card

Access Control Cards:
Indala FlexSmart & FlexSecure