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Visitor Management – Expiring Badges

April 25, 2011

Security plays a vital role today in businesses, schools, government agencies, and hospitals worldwide.  How does one know who is authorized to be in the facility?  How is it possible to identify, verify and track who is in your building and why?

Visitor control is a necessity in just about any facility; governmental, commercial, financial, healthcare,  educational and/or meeting/convention sites.  Visitors, vendors, contractors and temporary employees are always coming and going at various hours of the day throughout the week.  Yet some organizations may not feel the need to monitor who comes and goes until an incident occurs.  Incidents can occur just about anywhere at any given moment, so it is best to be prepared.  The solution for this is simple – expiring badges.

Expiring badges have been around for years and for any organization it is a must have! They are simple, effective and best of all AFFORDABLE!

In some facilities with a large amount of traffic it can become impossible to keep track of all personnel.  For example, visitors walk out of buildings, forgetting to return visitor badges.  A great component of these expiring badges is that they prevent the re-use of badges by change of color.

The process is a simple chemical reaction that causes the badge to visibly alter in appearance.  The expiring badge consists of a specifically coated white adhesive part and a pre-printed part with time-release ink.  The process is activated as soon as the two parts are joined.  Once activated, it is impossible to separate the two without visibly damaging the badge, making it tamperproof.  The end result of this reaction is a color change that signals expiration either with lines or words like, “VOID” or customized wording across the badge.

  • Expiration is available:
    Immediately as soon as badge is exposed to ultra-violet rays
    Over half-day (4 hours)
    Full day (18 hours)
    One week (7 days)
    One month (30 days)
  • Expiring badges are available:
    Pre-packaged kits
    Solutions packs – Manual or Electronic
    Customize it
  • Badges
    Security seals
    Parking permits

For more information and pricing contact our ID specialists today at sales@IDentiphoto.com or (800) 860 – 9111.

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