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Visitor Management – Expiring Badges

April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Security plays a vital role today in businesses, schools, government agencies, and hospitals worldwide.  How does one know who is authorized to be in the facility?  How is it possible to identify, verify and track who is in your building and why?

Visitor control is a necessity in just about any facility; governmental, commercial, financial, healthcare,  educational and/or meeting/convention sites.  Visitors, vendors, contractors and temporary employees are always coming and going at various hours of the day throughout the week.  Yet some organizations may not feel the need to monitor who comes and goes until an incident occurs.  Incidents can occur just about anywhere at any given moment, so it is best to be prepared.  The solution for this is simple – expiring badges.

Expiring badges have been around for years and for any organization it is a must have! They are simple, effective and best of all AFFORDABLE!

In some facilities with a large amount of traffic it can become impossible to keep track of all personnel.  For example, visitors walk out of buildings, forgetting to return visitor badges.  A great component of these expiring badges is that they prevent the re-use of badges by change of color.

The process is a simple chemical reaction that causes the badge to visibly alter in appearance.  The expiring badge consists of a specifically coated white adhesive part and a pre-printed part with time-release ink.  The process is activated as soon as the two parts are joined.  Once activated, it is impossible to separate the two without visibly damaging the badge, making it tamperproof.  The end result of this reaction is a color change that signals expiration either with lines or words like, “VOID” or customized wording across the badge.

  • Expiration is available:
    Immediately as soon as badge is exposed to ultra-violet rays
    Over half-day (4 hours)
    Full day (18 hours)
    One week (7 days)
    One month (30 days)
  • Expiring badges are available:
    Pre-packaged kits
    Solutions packs – Manual or Electronic
    Customize it
  • Badges
    Security seals
    Parking permits

For more information and pricing contact our ID specialists today at or (800) 860 – 9111.


How can I increase card durability?

April 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Question:  It seems like all I am doing is reprinting employee ID cards because they are breaking or the image is fading.  Can you help me?

Answer:  Cards breaking or image fading can be occurring for a variety of reasons.  It can be from employee abuse, frequent swiping, your attachment, the additional items employees carry which can add strain to your ID badge, etc. or a combination of reasons.  No matter the cause, we do have solutions available that can help minimize your badging reprint costs. 

  1. Switch to Composite PVC – Unlike standard PVC which can become brittle when exposed to extreme temperature, composite PVC is made of a PVC/Polyester blend that allows more flex and is more forgiving of common wear and tear.  By switching just your card stock, you can extend the life of your PVC card, reducing your overall reprint costs.
  2. Protect with a Badge Holder – Badge holders are available in both rigid plastic and soft vinyl and a great way to afford your badge a little extra protection.  Available in a variety of sizes in either horizontal or vertical orientation, you will not have a problem finding a holder that will meet your needs.
  3. Go Slot-Free – If your badges are continually breaking at the slot or if you ruin your costly technology cards by mistakenly punching through the technology, you may want to consider going slot free and utilizing a Gripper 30 holder.  The Gripper is made of durable plastic and is a stand-alone device that can be added to existing attachments such as badge reels and clips.  The silicon core prevents damage to the card so you never have to worry about your slot breaking due to stress or slotting through your technology again!
  4. Shield with Overlaminate – If you find the printing on your ID Badge wearing out due to frequent swiping through barcode or magnetic stripe readers or just because of the unique elements your ID badge is exposed to, you may want to consider adding an overlaminate.  Overlaminates are available in a hand-applied patch that can be affixed to your card after the printing process, or in-line utilizing a direct-to-card/reverse transfer printer with overlaminate capability.  Some printers are modular and will allow you to add a lamination station to an existing unit.  Check with your ID Consultant to see if yours has that capability. Overlaminates extend your overall card life expectancy from the normal twelve to eighteen months to up to five years, affording you the best protection possible to the printed image.

If you determine the cause for failing ID badges is due to employee abuse or carelessness, you can deter this by charging a nominal fee for any additional badges produced after the initial ID badge.  When employees are made aware of the costs to replace their ID badge upfront, this helps them be a little more conscientious.

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Student Information from Anywhere on Campus

April 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Holding students accountable for their actions has never been easier than with PockeTracker K-12.

The PockeTracker K-12 software loaded on a PocketPC brings you student information while anywhere on campus.  The handheld device allows you to check a student’s schedule, important medical and parental contact information, behavior history, violation and/or detention information from anywhere on campus.

Add on a wireless printer and you now can issue a warning, pass, detention or tardy slip on the fly.  No need to send the student to the office!  Configured with your predefined behavior policies and rule base, you can empower your staff to make rapid decisions and hold students accountable on the spot!  Monitoring your halls has never been easier.

Learn more about PockeTracker K-12 here.

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GO GREEN – Sustainable ID Products and Solutions

In the United States alone, it is estimated that over 7 billion pounds of plastic are thrown away each year.


As Earth Day approaches we tend to become more aware of how our actions and how the products we use impact the environment.   Have you ever considered how much energy your ID card printer uses daily or what happened to that old ID badge when you received your replacement?


Our must-have ‘’Earth Friendly’’ products are effortlessly implemented and support your green initiatives.


  • Energy Star rated card printers, such as the Fargo DTC4000, DTC4500 and the Datacard SD260.

  • Cards suitable for direct-to-card (DTC) printers.  One is sure to meet your Green Initiatives. 
    • BIOPVC™ – to allow for faster biodegradation.  While typical PVC cards take 20-25 years to decompose in landfill conditions, UltraCard Eco cards are gone in 5-7 years.
    • Recycled PVC – manufactured exclusively from recycled plastics.


  • Preprinted Corn Cards manufactured from corn, an abundant and annually renewable resource.

  • ID accessories manufactured from recycled material or renewable resources.
    • ID Badge Holders/Strap Clips – manufactured from earth friendly material that will not contaminate or pollute the environment
    • ID Badge Lanyards – made from your choice of recycled material or bamboo, another sustainable resource that is easily broken down in the soil.
    • ID Badge Reel – one of the most popular ID accessories available, now made from 100% recycled material.